Dissertation Title:

"The periodical Hevdomas (1884-1892) and its contribution to the intellectual movement of the period"

Supervisor: Stessi Athini, Assistant Professor of Modern Greek Literature

Hevdomas is a representative case of a family periodical with literary content. It was published in Athens during two periods of time: 1884-1886, during which time publisher and director was D. Gr. Kambouroglous, and 1887-1892, during which time J. M. Damvergis had the same role. The research initially focused on the very contents of the periodical, creating comprehensive indexes. Subsequently, the research questions raised concerned the publishing conditions, the goal of the periodical, the publishers, the collaborators, the selection of translations, the genre of the published texts as well as issues of ideology and political stance of the periodical. The main objective is to determine which are the specific characteristics of the periodical Hevdomas, what kind of trends are expressed through it, in which way this periodical contributed to the cultural milieu of its time and to what extent it attempted to challenge the established literary and cultural values.

Sofia Gkinko / Department of Philology, University of Patras